Let’s Not Devolve Into a Society Where Everyone Carries a Gun

This my first angry rant on my blog. It is my answer to Peter, a gun enthusiast who posted several long comments on a friend’s Facebook page and he inspired me to write this:

I’m really not going to read all the things you say because I read enough to know you want all Americans to carry guns. In spite of any stats saying that crimes are stopped by “good guys” with guns I would still hate this idea because idiot civilians carrying guns would kill someone by mistake a certain percentage of the time.

Have you never read anything by highly skilled gun-using professionals, like Mark Kelly, who said in the 30 times he’s come under fire in the military there are fully trained soldiers with experience who don’t immediately react well? Damn you people who want the thrill of carrying a gun around hoping to use it on someone.

I was raised by a cop and he was an ultra-conservative and I’m telling you if he were alive he’d be TOTALLY against more civilians with guns, and his experience includes being shot at in the Newark riots by citizens with guns and feeling the wind of bullets passing by his face.

Bottom line: I DO NOT WANT TO LIVE AROUND PEOPLE WHO HAVE GUNS. Can I make that any clearer? I have used a gun against a bad guy and I did it very well. I DO NOT TRUST YOU TO DO THE SAME. OK?

We should repeal the 2nd Amendment which is the source of this confusion and idiocy – it is antiquated. We should pass very restrictive gun laws.

I spent a lot of time working with Mafia union leaders and their bodyguards who were all armed – that didn’t bother me at all. I’d seen them in action and they knew what they were doing. I DO NOT WANT the average idiot near me when he has a gun.

I’m done now.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Not Devolve Into a Society Where Everyone Carries a Gun

  1. So here’s a new thought based on a military source.

    Why haven’t we armed our personnel at recruitment centers?

    Many people probably think our military people walk around wearing a holster. But they are not cowboys – enlisted personnel never have a use for such a gun, and even officers only have handguns assigned when there is a use for one.

    You don’t even have a gun on you with ammunition on a military base!

    So what if we decided to do the very stupid thing in terms of appearance, if you are trying to recruit, and convenience, since our recruiters go many places where a gun is inappropriate, like schools, or not allowed?

    If that idea was raised, the COST to buy all those new guns would be enormous! And who are the nation’s constant screaming birds who say nothing but “cut cut cut…cut cut cut?” Same people who have the idiotic idea of arming military recruiters.


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